Books Of The Month – June 2017

Seriously, how are the months sliding past so quickly??

Anyway. For June, the 2 books we’ll be recommending here on the ROSBC are:

Sally Rooney – Conversations With Friends

The much anticipated (it was part of a seven way bidding war between publishers, although not in the Wrestlemania kind of way I had imagined as she corrected me last night!) debut novel from this 26 year old Irish author doesn’t disappoint. It’s an entertaining, human, real story of 2 quite different couples(?) whose lives collide in a very 21st century way.


Edouard Louis – The End Of Eddy

A brilliant, brilliant but frequently harrowing (and veiled autobiographical) story of a young man growing up in a very small minded, homophobic, very brutal provincial French town and the abuses he accepts at the hands of tormentors both at home and at school.

Both very different, as always, and if you fancy buying either through the Dubray Books website use the code RICKJUN17 and you’ll get 10% off.

You can find out more and join in the conversation, as always over in the club:

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